Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Go CANES! and Why I have not posted in a while!

Wow have I been busy.

It seems that I also need to re-update my site. The rankings have fallen a bit lately. I am currently photographing a lot of new jewelry. Everything from pendants and bracelets to new
and earrings..

Anyway. Some of my new creations are chunky gemstone necklaces. Above you see a carnelian necklace that I have strung as a template. I am also creating a necklace at the moment from amazonite and wire. It is very trendy to say the least.

Another piece I have received comments on is a new pendant I created. The
pendant is a turquoise dyed howlite cab that is wrapped in fine and sterling
silver. On top of the cab, I have wrapped a fairy pendant.

I will be spending tonight watching the Stanley Cup match-up between the
Hurricanes and the Oilers. While I am watching, I will also be finishing up the
amazonite necklace. Go Canes!!!



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