Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Green skin and nickel allergy

A lot of my wire jewelry is made from copper wire. A lot of people have heard that
makes you skin turn green. But why does this happen?

The natural acidity of oils and sweat from our skin causes the copper to corrode. This produces salts that cause the skin to turn green where they are in contact with the skin for a given length of time. Contrary to popular belief, the phenomena of your skin turning green from copper
is not a result of a metal allergy to copper.

As far as metal allergies go, nickel is the biggest culprit. I know about nickel allergies, my mother and myself are among those 15%. Since my mother' s allergy more prevalent than mine, it makes giving her jewelry as a present a bit tough. Her birthday was last month, so I did some research so that I could create a nice wearable necklace for her. Here is what I found:

Around 15% of the population have allergic reactions to nickel.

Most base metal alloys contain some nickel.

Jewelry Copper
does not appear to contain nickel.

White gold does contain nickel (it is one of the reasons the metal is silver colored)

Sterling silver may be coated in nickel to protect the finish. (The coating is not applied to all SS)

Fine silver, platinum and , yellow gold (above 18kt) are considered "nickel-free"

If you have a question about whether a piece may contain nickel, you can buy
a nickel allergy kit to determine if nickel is present.

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Have you ever had a morning where you we rush for time, but still could not
decide what to wear? That was me this morning. I wore a beautiful olive green
sweater and I could not decide what jewelry to wear with my sweater. It is funny how the little things like which necklace to wear can trip us up, even more so when we are in a hurry and

On the flip side, they can also make our day. When you are blue, and someone gives you a compliment like " I love your sweater" or " Those earrings are beautiful with your eyes", it can be a good pick me up and help remove you from a large load of stress. I wish more people would take a few seconds out of the day to compliment others. Even a warm smile can help calm
the spirit and relax the mind. Pay it forward. Give a little kindness today!

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Designs - Earrings

I uploaded a few new designs last night. All the new designs are earrings that are handcrafted from silver-coated copper wire. These earrings can be found under the heading Wire earrings. Please feel free to stop by my store. If you see anything you like, you can added it to our wishlist option.

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Renaissance Faire

Last weekend was our annual Renaissance Faire. I decided to create a new jewelry set to wear to the faire that would complement my costume. Here are the jewelry pieces that I created to wear. I hope you enjoy the wire necklace and earring set. If you would like to purchase them or others, please feel free to visit my website.

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Store Re-opening

Over the past week I have been updating my site. I have reorganized my navigation. I have also began adding some of my new jewelry designs at Eluna Jewelry

I have recently begun venturing beyond beading into wirework and wire jewelry fabrication. Two weeks ago I began soldering to make some new pieces. Stay tuned to see the introduction of some of these new jewelry designs. If you see anything you like from handmade beaded necklaces and earrings to some of my wire designs, please feel free to stop by my store to purchase them.

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