Thursday, June 15, 2006


(June Birthstone)

Alexandrite is a rare variety of Chrysoberyl, which was first discovered in 1830 in
Named for Czar Alexander II (it was found on his birthday), the stone is prized for its strong pleochroism properties. Pleochroism is an optical property that changes the color of the stone, dependant upon the length of the light wave. In the case of Alexandrite, the stone is bright green when viewed in short-wavelength light (daylight). When viewed in
long-wavelength light (candle light), the stone appears to be a rich red or brown. This change is attributed to the chromic oxide found within the stone.

The stone has been extremely popular in Russia since its discovery in 1830 for a
number of reasons. First, as I mentioned before, the stone was found on the birthday of, and named after Czar Alexander II. The second reason the stone is popular in Russia is the fact that the stone echoes the imperial colors of Russia (Red and Green.)

In the 1920, the famous jewelry store Tiffany's produced and marketed an entire line of rings that showed off the stone beautiful coloring.

For many years Alexandrite was a hard stone to find. The Urals mine in Russia had exhausted it supply of the gemstone. New sources of this gemstone were found in 1987 and again in 1993
bringing this stone back to the forefront for gemstone enthusiast.

Alexandrite is said to have the power to effect positive change on the central
nervous system, tissue regeneration, the spleen, the pancreas, and the endocrine
system. It is also believe to sooth swollen lymph nodes and afflictions caused
by leukemia.

Alexandrite is also believed to demonstrate several mystical qualities. It is said to encourage emotional maturity, purity, elegance, grace, protection, and regeneration. It is also thought to be lucky for gamblers, and said to bring about happiness and success.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

June Birthstones - Pearls

Hello everyone.

I have decided to create a few blogs on gemstones. I figured since it is June, I would start with a few of the birthstones for June. In this blog, I will give you a quick intro into pearls.


(June's Birthstone)

are organic gems produced by layered secretions of nacre. Nacre is a
type of aragonite ( a compound of Calcium Carbonate.) The nacre secretions occur
inside of mollusks when an irritant disturbs the soft tissue of the bivalve's
mantle. The mollusk then surrounds the irritant with a "pearl sac" and begins to
deposit nacre onto the irritant. The process typically takes from four to seven
years to create a gem quality stone.

Where jewelry is concerned, pearls are typically worn as earrings and necklaces. They are highly prized as wedding jewelry. In ancient Rome, pearls were so prized, that only high ranking members of society were allowed to wear them.

During the Renaissance it was not uncommon to see women wearing pearls jewelry; including necklaces, earring, and pendants, that were strung from gold wire.

The largest pearl known was found in 1934 off the coast of the Philippines.
The pearl, known as the Pearl of Laotze, was found in a giant clam and
weighed in at an impressive 14 pounds 1 ounce.

Pearls are believe to have strong healing properties, including the ability
to balance the emotions and help to dispel anger (especially for astrological
water signs.) Pearls are also thought to aid in issues of digestion and ailments
of the stomach. As a connection with the feminine, pearls are used to ease
childbirth and promote fertility.

Since pearls are associated with the sea, divers often wear them as
protection from sharks.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Go CANES! and Why I have not posted in a while!

Wow have I been busy.

It seems that I also need to re-update my site. The rankings have fallen a bit lately. I am currently photographing a lot of new jewelry. Everything from pendants and bracelets to new
and earrings..

Anyway. Some of my new creations are chunky gemstone necklaces. Above you see a carnelian necklace that I have strung as a template. I am also creating a necklace at the moment from amazonite and wire. It is very trendy to say the least.

Another piece I have received comments on is a new pendant I created. The
pendant is a turquoise dyed howlite cab that is wrapped in fine and sterling
silver. On top of the cab, I have wrapped a fairy pendant.

I will be spending tonight watching the Stanley Cup match-up between the
Hurricanes and the Oilers. While I am watching, I will also be finishing up the
amazonite necklace. Go Canes!!!

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