Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Have you ever had a morning where you we rush for time, but still could not
decide what to wear? That was me this morning. I wore a beautiful olive green
sweater and I could not decide what jewelry to wear with my sweater. It is funny how the little things like which necklace to wear can trip us up, even more so when we are in a hurry and

On the flip side, they can also make our day. When you are blue, and someone gives you a compliment like " I love your sweater" or " Those earrings are beautiful with your eyes", it can be a good pick me up and help remove you from a large load of stress. I wish more people would take a few seconds out of the day to compliment others. Even a warm smile can help calm
the spirit and relax the mind. Pay it forward. Give a little kindness today!



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